Let CPA take care of your tax and accounting


Small Business accounting

Successful business owners rely on CPAs who can provide exceptional accounting for a small business. When you’ve reached the pinnacle of your niche industry as a small business owner, it’s time to ensure that you do the right accounting and tax. Our small business accounting services include, but are not limited to:

  • New business incorporation and registration
  • Payroll processing services
  • Comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Budgets
  • Business plan development
  • Cash flow management
  • Retirement planning for you and your employees
  • Business loan assistance
  • College savings planning
  • QuickBooks set up and training
  • Outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, and CFO/controller functions
  • Compilations and financial reviews

Self employment accounting

Being self-employed means all your business income is intertwined with your personal resources, in one way or another. Self-employed professionals, more than any other operating entity, feel the pinch at home when business slows down. It’s vital for you to make sure that your personal wealth continues to increase, no matter what kind of shape your business is in at any given point in time.Now, more than ever, you need to rely on a personal accountant who isn’t afraid to dig into your personal finances to help you mount a solid campaign of continued prosperity. This can only be done when your NYC CPA accesses your business and personal finances collaboratively. Consulting that includes the when, where and how to move your resources is a foundational Self-Employment Accounting service you receive from Buddha Tax and Accounting CPA.
A few of the self-employment accounting services you’ll receive from your self-employment accountant include, but aren’t limited to:

  • An accurate timetable of when to pay estimated taxes, as well as the most effective amounts to pay each quarter, which keeps you solvent and with plenty of cash flow
  • Advice on when to take on additional responsibilities, when to diversify your offerings and how to incorporate new business into your financial strategic plans
  • Access to innovative ideas and options based on the accounting platform you hired your personal CPA to administer
  • More than just numbers on the page — explanations and directions for how to best make use of your resources
  • Clear planning that gives you the foresight to apply to capital investments, business expenses and spending


As your business grows, the bookkeeping becomes more complex. It takes up more and more of your time. Mistakes and missteps often aren’t visible until the end of the year when you hand over your boxes of receipts to your bookkeeper to file your taxes. The questions now remain: When should you step it up and bring in a consulting CPA who puts the entire picture together for you? When is it prudent to pay for a holistic self-employment accountant to further your financial standing? In short:

  • When you find someone who can make you more money
  • When you find yourself spending more than two hours at a time managing your cash flow
  • When your income rises to more than $250K, and you risk coming under more IRS scrutiny
  • Definitely when your annual income is more than $1 million, when the chances of getting audited increase to about 13 percent
  • When you move into a different business category, such as a partnership or S-corporation
  • When a significant amount of your income comes from foreign sources
  • When you carry real estate in your portfolio
  • When you have a growing family
  • As you are considering retirement